About Jill

Jill Dudensing

Jill has studied art, fashion and design since the age of 18.  After college she formed a talented international fashion design team for her label, Valentine Gallery, which sold to boutiques all over the country.  Valentine Gallery was named after Jill’s grandfather’s family’s Fifth Avenue art gallery in Manhattan, famed for being the first to bring Picasso’s “Guernica” to the United States.

Jill’s interiors work is steeped in a rich history of art and design and her goal is to provide her clients with a space that is uniquely their own. She has an exceptional gift for finding or fabricating the perfect piece for any job on any budget. A dedication to exploring and collecting has given Jill access to a wide variety of specialists and connoisseurs that bring authenticity and detail to all of its projects.

Jill Dudensing recently completed a large residential project at Martis Camp, from studs to furnishings, and is currently working on a commercial project in the Ice Blocks development in Midtown Sacramento.

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